12x24 Shadow Box

Wood Shadow boxes   The 12×24 shadow box is a versatile size  for a shadow box.  The narrow profile is great for smaller spaces or displays and are a great way to show off a Varsity Letter, High School or College graduation tassels and Photos or Senior Picture.  12×24 Wood Shadow boxes are perfect for a display of Military Awards, and Scout Awards too!  There is plenty of room for room for medals, certificates, or memorabilia.   The 12×24 size will nicely display a 3×5 flag or a 4×6 flag Corner mounted or Center mounted.  You can mix and match woods for your flag box frame to add a dash of color or contrast. An excellent gift for Service retirements where a 3×5 flag is given.
Other Options include your choice of Liner Fabric Colors and Select Hardwoods. Find the best combination for you!
(5×9  flags will not fit this size box)