Glass Options

I offer 3 different grades of glass for our shadow boxes and flag display cases. The price for all boxes includes Standard Plate Glass. Easy to maintain and crystal clear, our plate glass provides protection from dust and can be cleaned with almost any readily available glass cleaner without worry of discoloring or scratching.
UV Glass offers the same care free* maintenance as our plate glass plus an addes layer of protection for your box contents. UV Glass blocks harmful ultra violet rays from affecting flag and liner fabrics, keeping their colors bright for a long time!
Museum Glass goes a step beyond with the addition of a Non-Glare coating. The Glass is so clear that it’s almost like there isn’t glass there at all!
Choose the option that best suits your needs.

* UV Glass and Museum Glass have a protective coating facing the inside of our flag case or shadow box. Minimize finger contact with the coated surfaces. Use only glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean.